The Company


Since its establishment in Beirut in 1972, FACE has been providing MEP contracting services for governmental, industrial, commercial, and residential projects. It has since applied its high standards and expertise on projects in neighboring countries and the Arab Gulf, cementing its standing as a regional leader and building a loyal client base that has bolstered its reputation as a customer-oriented firm. Beyond excellent technical services and focus on topnotch quality, FACE extends a ‘small office approach’ to its clients with tailored assistance and cordial contact. This has been enabled by the faces behind FACE, the diligent and passionate personnel whose main focus is execution of outstanding projects by closely working with clients. FACE continues to situate itself at the forefront by anticipating engineering needs and identifying innovative solutions. It is a pioneer company in green technology, introducing solar heating in Lebanon, and quickly adopting cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) increasing efficiency of energy conversion and use.

Mission Statement


FACE is focused on excellence in execution of every project to the highest standards and on contributing to the success of its clients. As an established MEP firm, FACE boasts highly masterful personnel whose mission is to handle and execute engineering projects in various sectors.
This dedication to mastery of craft and care in every aspect of business relationships is reflected in the high percentage of repeat clients.
At the core of FACE’s work are these key strengths that have contributed to its success and that of its clients:

Mastery of Work

Excellence in execution and application of processes has contributed to FACE’s renown as a reliable company that delivers the best. FACE boasts extensive regional knowledge and command of advanced green technology.


Innovation is encouraged at FACE. Beyond usage of cutting-edge technology, effective solutions that meet and exceed the clients’ needs are constantly generated in dynamic meetings.

Client Care

Utmost care in maintaining excellent relationships with clients transcends work details and covers delivery and post-execution.

Strategy Statement


FACE is resolved on constant growth and the application of cutting-edge green technology in the MENA region. Relying on core values of Mastery of Work, Innovation, and Client Care, FACE’s strategy has for components the following:


Throughout its impressive engineering history that stretches back four decades,FACE has handled and executed diverse and challenging projects in the MENA region. Contributing to its renown is its leading engineering personnel and usage of integrated solutions that keep it at the forefront.


Expanding into new markets and working with clients from a variety of sectors allows for growth on two levels: in terms of experience and know-how of the personnel and on a macro level in terms of broadening presence on the map. Reaching new frontiers is a drive for excellence at FACE.


Adhering by the highest international standards for quality, FACE adopts policies and procedures that ensure safety and highest-caliber execution.
Sound environmental and energy management as well as a stress on innovative solutions manifest in the quality of FACE’s projects.

Company Structure